Friday, March 11, 2016


Peace be upon you, my brothers and sisters :)
* if there are any homo sapiens that come across this blog, if and if only *

I haven't update anything on this blog for a really long time and i already forgot that i have a blog. I mean this used to be a medium for me to release stress and everything. Am 19 already alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah for giving this chance for me. Like for 19 years in this world with all the nikmat that He gives :)

After finishing my high school, alhamdulillah i manage to pursue my studies at iium. At first, i did a foundation in architecture and environmental design but after 1 semester i think i don't  really suit in that course (just because my drawing skill will never improve) and i decide to change my course. And now alhamdulillah i am doing a foundation in economics and insyaAllah my foundation will end by this year.

There's nothing much that i can talk about myself since it is a slow progress of myself. Since i am studying kan he he he. My plan for now is to take economics during my degree. Studying is really hard and needs a lot of effort!

Sets your own goals then you will work really hard to achieve it so that our life will be more meaningful. Just like we worship Allah and do all what He asks us to in order to be in jannah later on!

Okay, i need to go to sleep. It already 12 omg.